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GlobalClassroom K12 is a social network for teaching and learning.  All educators are invited to become members at no cost. 



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 Create groups to connect and collaborate with colleagues.

GlobalClassroom K12 gives you familiar social media tools you need to effectively communicate and bring together your colleagues. Using messaging, discussion forums, sharing documents and video, creating your online portfolio to share, and accessing the latest education news -- all are in one place with Globalclassroom K12!

  • Communicate with colleagues, in your school or across the state
  • Create groups around common interests
  • Customized personal dashboard
  • Portfolio system with multimedia 
  • Create plans for projects and goals
  • Internal blog
  • Video chat & web conferencing - Coming Soon

 Enhance your skills with professional development.

GlobalClassroom K12 provides you access to premier-quality online professional development courses. Written and facilitated by top-notch subject experts, courses are designed to give you the skills, tools, and resources to use immediately.

  • Access 24/7.
  • Graduate credit available or included.
  • Check out the course catalog!

  Get an eClassroom--your classroom in the clouds.

An eClassroom offers you and your students multiple ways to enhance education. Advantages of online learning include:

  • Offer multiple courses at once.
  • Secured access and course content.
  • Easy to use collaboration through forums and discussions.
  • Central area for lessons, assignments, and resources, both uploaded and on the web.
  • Automatic, behind the scenes upgrades and tech support.

With advanced features such as grade tracking and activity reports supplementing the base feature set, you can run entire courses effectively and efficiently with an eClassroom.