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ESL Program Specialist Graduate Certificate

The ESL Program Specialist Graduate Certificate distinguishes you as a teacher in today's diversified classroom.  In the last decade, the number of English Language Learners in public schools has doubled. The ESL Program Specialist Graduate Certificate prepares teachers with the knowledge, tools, and resources to work with ELL students.


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To complete your certificate, you need to complete all 5 courses. You can schedule them in any order, at your pace.

$4,350 with graduate credit                

Graduate Credit: 15 credits / 225 hours
Course Duration: The average completion time is nine months. Students have up to 3 years to complete.

All courses have graduate credit from Southern New Hampshire University. You must have an under-graduate degree to qualify. For more information about Southern New Hampshire University go to www.actioneducation.com.



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Designed for teachers of English Language Learners. Introduction to structure of language, the sound patterns of language. the study of english language words and use of rules, the study of word meanings, phrases and sentences, the study of how context affects user's interpretation. $930

Graduate Credit: 3 Credits / 45 hours                                    
Instructor: Kim Beiderman 
Course Duration: 8 weeks


Identify the qualities of a standards based instructional program. Define BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills or conversational language) and CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency or academic language). Recognize that students who understand spoken English may not be able to comprehend content area or academic instruction. Identify and design resources that address individual needs of students. Evaluate resources to determine appropriateness of their use. Align classroom instruction to the state standards in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, and to the national TESOL (Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages) Standards. $930

Graduate Credit: 3 Credits / 45 hours                                     
Instructor: Kim Beiderman
Course Duration: 8 weeks


 A 45-hour course designed to expand your knowledge of effective assessment practices and support services available for ELL students. Including, effective assessment practices, purposes for assessment, multiple assessment models, use of evaluation techniques, scaffolding of assessments, and formal/informal assessment tools will be discussed.

Learn the availability of school support services to assist ELLs in language acquisition and content learning. Discuss ways to promote parental/family involvement with their children’s education program. Gain hands-on experience in test administration, interpretation, and reporting. Individual education plans for ELLs identified as special education students will also be discussed. Students will also examine: multiple assessment models, use of evaluation techniques, scaffolding of assessments, and discuss formal and informal assessment tools. $930

Graduate Credit: 3 Credits / 45 hours                                  
Instructor: Kim Beiderman 
Course Duration: 8 weeks


Develop an understanding of how ELLs acquire literacy in a second language. Understand the five components of reading that are the foundation of successful reading programs (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency, and reading comprehension) as well as effective writing instruction. Identify effective strategies and techniques to improve literacy instruction for native English speakers and ELLs in K-12. $930

Graduate Credit: 3 Credits / 45 hours                              
Instructor: Kim Beiderman
Course Duration: 8 weeks


This course is based upon knowledge of behaviors, beliefs and attitudes of a multicultural approach to learning. Examine current research-based articles by leaders in the field of multicultural education. Participate in cultural awareness activities. Identify the impact of cultural and linguistic differences on teaching and learning. Develop strategies for identifying cultural and linguistic diversity, comparing othe cultural behaviors, beliefs and attitudes with those of the American culture. $930

Graduate Credit: 3 Credits / 45 hours                          
Instructor: Kim Beiderman   
Course Duration: 8 weeks