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MoneyCulture for Educators Certificate | MCED000| $349

(Introductory price until December 31, 2011. Regular price for Certificate Series is $450 )

MoneyCulture for Educators consists of 10 modules. Designed specifically for educators to improve their financial literacy and to qualify them to present finance and investing to their students. Educators will will gain a firm understanding of the fundamental principles of finance and investing. We show you why you should ignore the talking heads on television and disregard those who only want to sell you a product. 

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 Course Objectives:

  • Learn various investment vehicles like stocks, bonds and ETFs.
  • Understand our economic system and the role of The Federal Reserve
  • Discuss how and why markets move and what you should do about it.
  • Learn how to present these topics to students

Materials and Resources:

  • 16 Topic Lesson Plans
  •  8 Topical Student Resources
  •  2 Quizzes

Individual Courses:  
  • Steps to Financial Literacy
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Other Vehicles for Investing
  • Investment Strategies for Life
  • Setting Investment Objectives to Reach Your Goals
  •  Understanding Economics
  • What is the Federal Reserve? What Do They Do?
  • How and Why Markets Move?
  • Know Your Rights

Course Type:           self-paced with faculty support 
Course Author:       John Lohr, Ian Lohr, Erin Geller                                       

Course Duration:     25 hours

EDUCATOR'S BONUS: A set of Federal Reserve created and approved lesson plans and student resources designed to meet the challenges of presenting finance andinvesting to grades 8-12.

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