GC K12

eSchools: Create your school's virtual learning environment!

eSchoolA virtual school in the clouds is the perfect companion to your bricks and mortar school.  No matter the time, place, or availability of your staff, your eSchool is always open.

Accessible from a web-connected digital device, each teacher has an eClassroom where students continue learning outside the face-to-face classroom. A virtual learning environment to successfully engage students !



Benefits (Details)

  • Providing a secure, protected virtual learning community
  • Build a true community of learners
  • Collaboration and resource-sharing for teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists
  • Student-centered learning to meet the wide variety of needs
  • Engaged students using digital media for learning
  • No additional IT personnel or hardware
  • Included updates, support, and training
  • Cost-effective to meet budget demands
  • Deploy using computers, iPads, and SMARTboards

Features (Details)

  • eClassroom for every teacher
  • ePortfolio for students and teachers
  • Private social network 
  • Create groups around common goals or interests
  • Journal/Blog 
  • Collaborative tools
  • Store files and documents
  • Share a wide variety of multi-media resources 
  • Administration settings and oversight
  • Accounting/Reporting/Gradebook