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Tech Tools by GC K12: Learn MOODLE: Integrate Technology into the Classroom

Learn MOODLE: Integrate Technology into the Classroom

MOODLEMOODLE is the fastest growing online delivery course platform and learning management system in the nation (and the world!). This is an introduction to MOODLE and the ways to integrate it into the classroom. The objective of this course is to build a functional online course using MOODLE!  Teaching an online class or integrating online resources and content into the classroom using MOODLE can be a rewarding experience. Unlike other Classroom Management Systems where all the content is placed there by the teacher, a MOODLE class can have interactive and collaborative tools that will dramatically change the class dynamics from teacher-centered to student-centered.   $360


CEU Credits:  2 credits / 30 hours      ACT 48 Credits (PA only):  2 credits    
Graduate Credit Option:  $300           Instructor:   Dr. Russell Willis             
Course Duration: 
   4 weeks